Jane Rendell

‘I believe what attributed most to my enjoyment of the module was the teaching style and interdisciplinary nature. … the student-led seminars were engaging and thought provoking. It was great to be able to … create our own creative pedagogical space(s). The workshops were helpful for expanding my writing and design skills, and they provided fresh insight into alternative ways to approach, conceptualize, and theorize my work …. Overall, I was highly pleased and impressed with this module. It was a delight to be a part of it!’

Heather Moore, MA Architectural History

‘this was a thrilling and compelling experience that was supported not just by the tutor but also by the dynamic of the group that was welcoming and inclusionary.

‘I also loved the direct confrontation with our site without hesitation or delay’

Marisa Daouti, MA Architectural History

‘What makes this module and Jane´s way of teaching truly unique and something … is the way she is binds and integrates theory and practice. Through student-led seminars, anchored in theoretical readings, the class used different events as points of departure for understanding and discussing theory. In her teaching these two – theory and practice – are not separated, which gives strength and meaning to both.

The module contains amazing writing workshops, which provide important insights and skills on how to play with words, work more creatively with writing, and use writing as apparatus for analysing.’

Anne Corlin
Affiliate PhD Student, Kolding School of Design.

‘Jane Rendell’s Theorising Practices/Practicing Theory module has had a profound effect on my academic and personal development as a postgraduate student

By establishing and encouraging an extremely supportive, warm, and intellectually rigorous atmosphere with regular feedback on individual projects as they developed, Jane enabled us to be playful with our spatial writing, move against conventional boundaries of academic work, and inspire each other to experiment, pushing ourselves in new and unexpected directions.’

Leyla Williams
MSc Urban Studies 2015-17

‘I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone frustrated with the common separation of architectural practice and theory. Jane has the powerful ability to create a nurturing space where the tools of writerly and artistic practices come together, through group discussions, readings, and performances, to form a wonderfully productive dialogue. I have thoroughly valued the chance to find new ways of working and build my confidence in pushing the boundaries of history writing. My experience of the course has helped me understand how this method of working can be used to develop an expanded architectural practice which, I know will significantly influence my future work.’

Joanne Preston, MA Architectural History

‘This module is a complex web of interdisciplinarity. It accepts the brilliant fear of crossing the lines of disciplinary expertise, and the vulnerability of personal, relational writing. These become productive rather than restrictive. … Jane’s teaching displays such an extent of pedagogical understanding and sensitivity to learning practices and experiences that really evolves in relation to the dynamics of her cohort. The result is an environment of learning that is as warm, collective, and shared as it is intense.’

Lili Zarzycki, MA Architectural History