As a writer, researcher and educator of artists, architects and historians, through individual and collaborative research projects, my work over the past 15 years has explored various interdisciplinary intersections: feminist theory and architectural history, fine art and architectural design, autobiographical writing and criticism. This website contains all kinds of writing: including excerpts and abstracts of refereed articles, books, chapters, catalogue essays and transcripts of walks and talks to descriptions of projects and works.

I started out as an architectural designer and came to architectural history later, and then moved into teaching art practice, and now to writing art and architectural criticism and teaching architectural history and theory. I have established history/theory courses which bring processes from fine art practice and architectural design to inform the production of writings which operate between history/theory/criticism and design exploring the creative potential of critical writing as a form of critical spatial practice.

I have been interested in generating new interdisciplinary concepts and processes such as ‘critical spatial practice’ first introduced in my article ‘A Place Between Art, Architecture and Critical Theory’, Proceedings to Place and Location (Tallinn, Estonia, 2003), pp. 221-33 (published in English and Estonian) and later consolidated and developed in my book Art and Architecture: A Place Between (London: IB Tauris, 2006), and ’site-writing’ first initiated as a pedagogic tool through site-specific writing courses at the Bartlett from 2001, and then as a mode of spatializing art-writing first in Jane Rendell, ‘Site-Writing’, Sharon Kivland, Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Emma Cocker (eds), Transmission: Speaking and Listening, vol. 4, (Sheffield Hallam University and Site Gallery, 2005), pp. 169–76 and then brought together as a collection of essays and works in Site-Writing: The Architecture of Art Criticism (London: IB Tauris, 2010).