A Configuration Pregnant with Tensions
A ‘Minifesta’ as the Promise of Collective Voice
A Place Between
A walk through BALTIC
Aarhus School of Architecture
Alien Positions
Almack’s Assembly Rooms
An Embellishment – Purdah
An Embellishment: Purdah
Architectural History in Critical Practice
Architecture Research and Disciplinarity
Architecture Writing
Art & Architecture: A Place Between
Art’s Use of Architecture
Balancing the Accounts
Between Two
Central St Martins
Coming to Welsh
Coming to Welsh
Coming to Welsh
Coming to Welsh
Conductor: a tribute to the angels
Confessional Constructions
Constellations (or the reassertion of time into critical spatial practice)
Critical Architecture
Critical Architecture
Critical Spatial Practice
Critical Spatial Practice as Parrhesia
Critical Spatial Practices – A Feminist Sketch of some Modes and what Matters
Curating, Editing, Writing – Critical Spatial Practice
Déja Vu
Double Take
Everywhere else
From Architectural History
From Austin Texas…
From Austin Texas…
From Chamber to Transformer
From, In and With Anne Tallentire
Gender, Space, Architecture
Heteropaths and Cannibals
Hotspots and Touchstones: From Critical to Ethical Spatial Practice’
How to take place (but only for so long)
In Search of an Harmonious Landscape
Inside Out
Konstfack and KTH, Stockholm
Les mots et les choses
Letting Go
Longing for the Lightness of Spring
May Morn
May Mourn
May Mo(u)rn – A Site-Writing
Noughts and Crosses
On thinking that I am missing…
One t(w)o One
One Way Street or “The Degeneration of Things”
Opposites Attract
Paradise Lost (and regained)
Practising Ethics
Private-Public: Subjects and Spaces
Re-activating the Social Condenser
Reactivating the Social Condenser
Refunctioning the Infrastructure
Residues of a Dream World
Seeing Time/ Writing Place
Seven Problematics for Neoliberal Times
She is walking about…
Site-Writing Calgary
Sites, Situations, And Other Kinds Of Situatedness
Something is not quite right
Space, Place, Site – Critical Spatial Practice
Spatial Dialectics
Spatial Imagination
Spatial Imagination in Design
Spatial Imagination in Design
Strangely Familiar
Strangely Familiar
Taking Place
Tasmanian College of the Arts
Tendencies and Trajectories – Feminist Approaches in Architecture
The Architecture of Psychoanalysis
The Architecture of Psychoanalysis – Constructions and Associations
The Clubs of S. James’s Street
The Italian Opera House
The Place of Prepositions
The Pleasure of Treasure
The Pursuit of Pleasure
The Research of Place/The Place of Research
The Scent of a Woman
The Setting and the Social Condensor – Transitional Spaces of Architecture and Psychoanalysis
The Unknown City
The voice one cannot control
The Welsh Dresser: an atlas
Thresholds, Passages, Surfaces
To miss the desert
Traces of the relationships…
Trafalgar Square – Détournements (A Site-Writing)
Travel Stories
Traveling the Distance
Undoing Architecture
(Un)doing it Yourself
University of Aalburg
University of Calgary
University of Regensburg
University of Southern Australia
University of Tasmania
Unmentionables Symposium
Walking Backwards through Brassai
Walking to Wapping/ Walking through Angels
Wapping: the mechanics of fluids
West End Rambling
What is the colour of memory?
Where the thinking stops…
Who am we?
Working (Through) the Field
Writing around the Kitchen Table symposium
Writing in the place of speaking
You tell me
You tell me