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  • Recent Keynotes, Talks and Lecture
    August 1st, 2016

    Recent Keynotes, Talks and Lectures

    Keynote, Gender, Space and Architecture, University of Aarhus, (29 March 2014).

    Keynote, Instant Urbanism, University of Aalborg (6 May 2014).

    Keynote, ‘…and where do we go from here?’ Rethink. Reconfigure. Reflect, UCA Research Student Conference 2014 (May 2014).

    Keynote, Body and Space, University of Middlesex, (September 2014)

    Keynote, Bodies in Public, American University of Beirut, (October 2014)

    Keynote, The Future of the Discipline, Annual Australia Council of University Art and Design School’s’ (ACUADS) Conference 2014, School of Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, the University of Melbourne (October 2014) via skype

    Keynote, Architecture and Text, ARCHTHEO ’14 / ARCHITECTURAL THEORY Conference, Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul (November 2014) via skype

    Keynote, Architecture and Writing, Lisboa. (December 2014) via skype

    Keynote, Matrices, Lisboa. (March 2015)

    Keynote, Performing Place, University Chichester, June 2015.

    Keynote, Sites of Production, University of Sydney, October 2015

    Invited Conference Speaker
    Invited Speaker, History of Public Space, University of Aarhus, (29 March 2014).

    Invited Speaker, Writing Architecture, University of Strathclyde (20 February 2014).

    Invited Speaker, Undreaming, University of Sheffield (February 2015).

    Invited Speaker, Comparing Architectural Humanities Research, ENSA Paris Malaquais, (March 2015).

    Invited Lectures
    Glasgow School of Art (March 2014).

    School of Art and Architecture, University of the Creative Arts, (November 2014).

    Sheffield School of Architecture (December 2014).

    Brighton School of Architecture (February 2015).

    Norwich School of Architecture (March 2015).

    Royal College of Art (May 2015)

    University of Stuttgart (June 2015).

    The Cass, (September 2015).

    Norwich School of Arts (October 2015).

    Tasmanian College of the Arts, University of Tasmania (November 2015).

    Leeds Beckett University (February 2016).

    University of Loughborough (March 2016).

    Literature, Psychoanalysis and Practice (convened by Dr Jan Campbell and Dr Emma Francis ) Senate House, London (March 2014).

    University of Cambridge, (May 2014).

    Gallery/Museum Talks

    House 5, curated by Alex McDonald and Anne-Marie Watson (March 2014).

    Saskia Older Wolbers, ArtAngel (June 2014).

    Visual Urbanism, British Library (May 2015)

    Radical Cities, Tate Modern/Festival of Architecture (June 2015).

    Cooper Gallery, University of Dundee (October 2015).

    Critique and Crisis, ÖGfA, the Austrian Society for Architecture, Freud Museum Vienna (October 2015).

    Gender network of the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects, Architekturforum, Zurich. (September 2015).

    Opportunity Area, organized by Eva Sajovic, Sarah Butler and Rebecca Davies, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, (June 2016)

    Site-Writing, University of Aalburg, Denmark, (7-8 May 2014)

    Site-Writing, University of Aarhus, Denmark, (12-3 March 2016)