Jane Rendell

Confessional Constructions

‘Confessional Construction’ consists of photographic and written documentation of a text installation for LLAW curated by Brigid McLeer, ‘BookArtBookShop’, London, 2002. This work explores the relationship between a number of forms of writing, including architectural specifications and autobiographical accounts, as they move from the private mode of the confessional to become a page that addresses the public space of a street corner. The ‘Confessional Construction’ was performed at ‘taking place’, University of North London, 22/24 November 2001 and in reading aloud, reconfigured, creating a new piece of writing.

For associated publications: see Jane Rendell, ”Between Two: Theory and Practice’, Journal of Architecture (Summer 2003), v. 8; Jane Rendell, ‘From Architectural History to Spatial Writing’, in Elvan Altan Ergut, Dana Arnold, Belgin Turan Ozkaya, (eds.), Rethinking Architectural Historiography, (London: Routledge, forthcoming 2006); Jane Rendell,  ‘Architectural History as Critical Practice’, in Hilde Heynen and Jean-Louis Genard (eds.), Critical Tools: International Coloquium on Architecture and Cities, no. 3, (Bruxelles, La Lettre Volée, forthcoming 2006); Jane Rendell, ‘Taking Place, but only for so long’, Doina Petrescu (ed.) Altering Practices, (London: Routledge, forthcoming 2006).

Images: Jane Rendell
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