Sites, Situations, And Other Kinds Of Situatedness

MA Situated Practice Live, December 2018. Photograph: David Roberts

Reconstructions, curator Emma Filipides, Bloomsbury Festival, October 2018. Photograph: Ondre Roach.

‘Margin’, Index, Gutter: Index: Margin, curator Lili Zarzycki, Folkstone Triennale Fringe, November 2017. Photograph: David Roberts.

‘Index’, Gutter: Index: Margin, curator Rachel Siobhan Tyler, The Bartlett School of Architecture, October 2017. Photograph: Rachel Tyler.

‘Gutter’, Gutter: Index: Margin, curator Joanne Preston, Edge, Here East, October 2017. Photograph: Joanne Preston.

If a site is a location that can be defined in physical and material terms, a situation can be both spatial and temporal, the location of something in space and a set of circumstances bounded in time – the conditions of a particular instant, a moment, an event. The associated verb to situate describes the action of positioning something in a particular place, while the adjective situated defines something’s site or situation. Situatedness, then, is a way of engaging with the qualities of these processes of situating or being situated.

This article, ‘Sites, Situations, and other kinds of Situatedness’, was written for Expanded Modes of Practice, a Special Issue of Log, edited by Bryony Roberts (2020).

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