The Pleasure of Treasure

Abstract: Produced in collaboration with Kathy Battista, Barbara Penner, Steve Pile and Brandon La Belle, ‘The Pleasure of Treasure’, is a map that coincided with Richard Wentworth’s ‘A Place of Unnatural Beauty’ commissioned by Art Angel, London in 2002. Visitors to Wentworth’s installation in an old sanitary fittings warehouse in King’s Cross could pick up the map, which took the form of a treasure hunt through the streets of London, providing clues for navigating the city. The treasure hunters were asked to respond to various questions on their map – factual and fictional – and to discover a single piece of treasure to return to the warehouse. The final maps were displayed and a prize awarded the ‘best’ piece of treasure – an object of unnatural beauty.

See Kathy Battista, Brandon la Belle, Barbara Penner, Steve Pile and Jane Rendell, ‘The Pleasure of Treasure’ Cultural Geographies, (2005).

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