Giving An Account Of Oneself, Architecturally

In January 2013, I questioned the decision of my employer, UCL, to accept $10 million of funding from the Anglo-Australian multinational mining and petroleum company BHP Billiton to create an International Energy Policy Institute in Adelaide, and the Institute for Sustainable Resources in London at the Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. At the time, I was Vice Dean of Research and my questions started a process which is figured here as a site-writing, articulated through two registers: bios – a set of diary entries noting personal anxieties and hopes related to my institutional role at UCL, and logos – an attempt to relate these issues to the development of my own intellectual work and concepts concerning ethics and critique generated by others.

Jane Rendell, ‘Giving An Account Of Oneself, Architecturally’, Special Issue of the Journal of Visual Culture (2016).

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