You tell me

This is an essay written for the Kunsthalle, Thun in Switzerland, for a show called ‘(hi)story’ (2005) including the work of four artists: Jananne Al-Ani, Tracey Moffatt, Adriana Varejao, and Richard Wentworth.

In this piece of criticism I do a number of things:

I adopt different positions – in relation to the artists, and the figures, objects and spaces, which feature as the subject matter of their work. I set my own remembered spaces as parallel places, and through imagination I enter the work. I create different relationships with the artists, and the figures in their work, using first, second and third person pronouns, showing that the critic is not ‘outside’ the art, but in some ways already within it, attempting to re-evaluate or rethink what we might called critical judgment or discrimination, and in so doing to create a new kind of practice of art criticism.

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