Jane Rendell

Traveling the Distance

‘Travelling the Distance/Encountering Another’, introduces a number of thematics connected with travel through the telling of five stories. The text interweaves three strands: personal reflection, theoretical commentary and a series of ‘addresses’, in order to examine various modes of activity, for example teaching and criticism, as travels or encounters with other places, practices and people. ‘Travelling the Distance/Encountering Another’ was performed as a site-specific talk and walk, at ‘taking place 1’ a conference on feminism and architecture at the University of North London, November 2001. This performance of a written piece, a site-specific walk rather than a talk, combines personal narrative with theoretical reflection, and is the first of what I later come to describe as a ‘Confessional Construction’.

This essay has been published as ‘Travelling the Distance/Encountering the Other’, David Blamey (ed.), Here, There, Elsewhere, (London: Open Editions, 2002).

Images: Jane Rendell
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